Yaye Catherine Diop

Ministry of petroleum and energy

Ms. Yaye Catherine Diop Dieng is an Energy engineer graduated from Arts et Métiers Paris.
Before joining the Senegalese Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in April 2021, she worked at EDF Cattenom nuclear power plant in France as a Maintenance engineer, especially rotating equipment, from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, she joined DR-SIEMENS in Le-Havre as a Turbo product engineer for designing centrifugal compressors used in the Oil and gas sector until January 2021.
Currently, she is the Head of Energy transition unit at the Ministry of petroleum and energy in Senegal. She is actively associated to the discussions for sustainable development
and energy transition strategy in Senegal and took part to important events relating, such as COPs and G20 energy transition working group. She was part of the team that negociated the JETP for Senegal and leads the project’s team for its implementation.

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