Seutame Maimele

Economist – Sustainable Growth
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
South Africa

Seutame Maimele is an Economist: Sustainable Growth at Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS). His work focuses on global climate change policies and trade, designing climate compatible value chains for carbon-intensive industries for South Africa and Africa. He also works extensively on the just transition in South Africa. He holds a Master’s degree in Local Economic Development from the University of Johannesburg. Prior to joining TIPS, Seutame worked at the Western Cape Government (WCG) and for OneWorld Sustainable Investment (OneWorld). At WCG, he supported the drafting of the economic recovery plan for the Western Cape Province post COVID-19, as well as drafting the 2020-2025 economic strategic plan of the Western Cape Government. He was involved in analysing the Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the Western Cape and reviewing Western Cape Municipal Plans and strategies. At OneWorld, he supported the delivery of climate change and just transition projects.

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