Rayhaanah Williams

Stellenbosch University/ SAIIA
South Africa

Rayhaanah is committed to environmental solutions which motivated her to pursue a degree in Development & Environmental Studies at Stellenbosch Uni. She envisions a world where climate justice is served by confronting the intergenerational effects of climate change focused on the global South. She is involved with institutions that place themselves at the forefront of these cross-cutting issues. As an ACA ambassador, she ran her campaign & drafted a letter ahead of COP27. Her dedication to transformative change led to her published book What’s Next featured on BBC. She is the only SA member on the UK Board of Youth & hosted the Global Conventions of Youth on Eco-Anxiety which featured 33 different countries. She represented SAIIA on the topic of mental health & climate change on Cape Town TV with 2.5 million viewers & worked on policies for the UN. She is in the COP28 Youth Ambassador Skills Prog studying ESG,Sustainable Finance & Indigenous Religions&Ecology through Yale University.

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