Erica Gerretsen

European Commission

Erica Gerretsen has been working for the European Commission since 1995. She has been posted in EU Delegations in Slovenia and in Benin as Economic advisor. She has been working in the European Commission Directorate General in charge of international development cooperation since 2003.
She has been deputy Head of Unit for West Africa and then Head of Unit of the Central Africa region. She led the Unit in charge of financing for development and development effectiveness in 2016. In 2016, she was appointed Head of Unit in DEVCO A4.
In 2021, she was the Acting Director for Directorate in charge of “Sustainable Finance, Jobs and Growth” of DG INTPA for International Partnerships.
Her previous post was Head of Unit in DG INTPA E1 “Macro-economic Analysis, Fiscal Policies and Budget Support and Deputy Director in DG INTPA E “Sustainable Finance, Investment and Jobs”.
Currently she is the Director in DG INTPA Directorate G “Human Development, Migration, Governance and Peace”.

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