Dr Sinazo Ntsonge

South Africa

Dr. Sinazo Ntsonge, PhD, is a recent graduate from Rhodes University where she did her undergraduate and postgraduate studies majoring in Development Economics and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. After completing her Masters, she published a paper in the Journal of Human Ecology titled “Shielding Rural Migrants from Unemployment-induced Poverty: The Informal Prickly Pear Market”, which focused on the important economic role that invasive alien plants can play in the lives of poor marginalised communities. In 2022, while working on her PhD, she was selected as one of the Visiting Scholars from the Global South to take part in the Program on Gender Analysis in Economics (PGAE) at the American University in Washington DC, where she earned a graduate certificate in Gender Economics.

Dr. Ntsonge is now a consultant working with the World Bank and the Presidency, providing technical assistance to advance key focus areas of the PYEI.

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