Prof Ariane De Lannoy

Chief Researcher
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Ariane De Lannoy is Associate Professor/Chief Researcher at the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) at UCT, with 20 years of research experience. Her work has had a consistent focus on youth and youth development in the complex context of post-apartheid South Africa, with extensions to work related to the rest of Africa. She has strong expertise in developing mixed method studies and leading multi-stakeholder projects. Ariane is currently one of the project leads on the Basic Package of Support for young people who are not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) programme – an intervention developed on the basis of rigorous, longitudinal research and several rounds of stakeholder engagements; she also leads the Youth Explorer project, that maps indicators on youth well-being alongside service provision and labour market information at various geographical levels. Both projects are part of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention.

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