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Agence Française de Développement Group

AFD Group contributes to the implementation of France’s policies for sustainable development and international solidarity. The Group includes Agence Française de Développement (AFD), which finances the public sector, NGOs, research and training; its subsidiary Proparco, which is dedicated to the private sector; and Expertise France, a technical cooperation agency. The Group finances, supports and accelerates the transitions needed for a fairer, more resilient world.

With our partners, we are building shared solutions with and for the people in more than 150 countries, as well as in 11 French Overseas Departments and Territories. As part of the commitment of France and the French people to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, our teams are at work on 4,200 projects in the field. Our objective is to reconcile economic development with the preservation of common goods, from peace, the climate and biodiversity to health, education and gender equality. Towards a world in common.

African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research

The African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research explores strategies to overcome African inequality via analytical, empirical, and data-driven research. Its focus on poverty and inequality includes studying the livelihoods and conditions of the poor, middle and elite classes and the relationships between these. ACEIR puts African scholars at the forefront of research and nurtures young and emerging African researchers in this field.

The team is strong in data scholarship and research and data-capacity development and has good links to national statistical offices, governments, research centres and development agencies. The University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, hosts ACEIR on behalf of the African Research Universities Alliance. ACEIR’s nodes are at the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana; the Department of Economics and Development Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya; and UCT’s Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit.

South African Presidency

With the dawn of democracy in 1994, and the adoption of a new final constitution in 1996, a provision was made for an Office of the President, which later became known as The Presidency. Under previous dispensations, the head of government in South Africa were Prime Ministers and State Presidents.

As the executive manager of government. The Presidency is at the apex of the system of government in the Republic of South Africa. The Presidency is situated in the Union Buildings, Pretoria, and has another subsidiary office in Tuynhuys, Cape Town.

The Presidency’s key role in the executive management and co-ordination of Government lies in its responsibility to organize governance. In this regard, a key aim is the facilitation of an integrated and co-ordinated approach to governance. This is being achieved through creative, cross-sectoral thinking on policy issues and the enhancement of the alignment of sectoral priorities with the national strategic policy framework and other Government priorities.

European Union Commission

As part of the European Union’s external relations, we base our actions on international law and multilateralism and are at the forefront of the European Union’s efforts to implement global commitments, notably the United Nations 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Under the geopolitical ambition and political guidelines set by the President of the European Commission, we lead on international cooperation, building partnerships with countries and organisations across the globe. We work hand in hand with Commission services to ensure that the external dimension of all EU policies strengthen our action in the world. We work hand in hand with our Member States to mobilise a strong Team Europe behind our EU agenda on the world stage. We work hand in hand with our partners, setting policy agendas, taking initiatives and ensuring effective implementation of our actions for the ultimate benefit of people across the world.