2.3 Environment and inequality

08/11/2023 12:30 pm

Interactions between inequalities, environmental degradation and environmental protection measures.

Chair: Hélène Djoufelkit | Agence Française de Développement – AFD | France

• “The benefits of marine protected areas in fighting inequality and fostering environmental sustainability in Indonesia”
Muhamad Hanri | University of Indonesia | Indonesia

• “Gender norms and women’s economic resilience to climate shocks in poultry, cassava and fish value chains in western regions of Tanzania”
Esther Leah Achandi | International Livestock Research Institute – ILRI | Kenya

• “Climate change-related shocks, resilience, and welfare outcomes: Evidence from Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa”
Fabio Andrés Diaz Pabón | African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research – ACEIR | University of Cape Town | South Africa

• “Balancing conservation and community welfare: Enhancing the management of marine protected areas in Indonesia”
Annabel Noor Asyah | SMERU Research Institute | Indonesia

Discussant: James Reeler | World Wildlife Fund – WWF | South Africa