Challenges and opportunities of a just transition

09/11/2023 4:30 pm

At the COP26 in Glasgow, South Africa signed the first partnership for a Just Energy Transition (JET-P). What can we learn two years later from this ground-breaking partnership and how does it resonate with the broader concept of a just transition? In this session, the panellists are invited to reflect on the implications of a just transition in low- and middle-income countries and share the learnings of the South African JET-P so far.

  • Saul Musker | The Presidency | South Africa
  • Shameela Soobramoney | National Business Initiative – NBI | South Africa
  • Erica Gerretsen | European Union | Belgium
  • Yaye Catherine Diop | Ministry of Petroleum and Energies | Senegal
  • Mark Swilling | Stellenbosch University | South Africa

Moderator: Africa Melane