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Without action to limit and adapt to climate change, the environmental impact of climate change will catalyse inequalities and challenge progress on poverty eradication. Furthermore, deep restructurings of economies and their labour markets are needed to reach the objective of net-zero societies through a just transition. These restructurings have to be planned and supported in order to avoid a situation where the most vulnerable workers are left even further behind. This conference, organised jointly with the South African Presidency, the European Union and the African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research at the University of Cape Town, aims to bring together the relevant stakeholders in order to discuss the strategic dilemmas that appear when designing long-term development trajectories that are both ecologically and socially sustainable and identify the relevant policy solutions.

At the end of the agenda of day 1 | 8 NOV and Day 2 | 9 NOV you will find the overview of the side events, taking place on 7 and 10 NOV 2023 at the conference venue.

Day 0 | Welcome cocktails

Day 1 | Academic Day

8 November

Side events